Mahabharata: The condensed version of the world’s greatest epic

Hare Krishna,
We are happy to announce the release today of a new e-book of the condensed version of the great epic,  The Mahabharata by the world renown author Krishna Dharma.  Mahabharata: The condensed version of the world’s greatest epic, is now available on As part of the release promotions, the book is free for 3 days from November 6 – 8 inclusive.

Krishna Dharma says, “I have simply tried to make the work easily accessible. I have remained faithful to the original, often presenting the dialogue exactly as it appeared in the Sanskrit manuscripts, but I have endeavored to bring the text to life by the techniques of dramatization and characterization. The  Mahabharata is without doubt the greatest spiritual epic of all time, at least in my humble opinion.”

Finalist for the Benjamin Franklin award, and with stellar reviews on Amazon we now aim to make  Mahabharata: The condensed version of the world’s greatest epic  an Amazon #1 bestseller. To do so we need as many downloads and reviews as possible during these 3 promotional days.

So please download, spread the word, write a review, relish the nectar and learn from the timeless wisdom of the Mahabharata with your friends and family.

Click here to download the ebook for free.

Your servant,

Advaita Candra das
As the divinely beautiful Draupadi rose from the fire, a voice rang out from the heavens foretelling a terrible destiny. “She will cause the destruction of countless warriors.” And so begins one of the most fabulous stories of all time.

Mahabharata plunges us into a wondrous and ancient world of romance and adventure. In this exciting new rendition of the renowned classic, Krishna Dharma condenses the epic into a fast-paced novel that fully retains the majestic mood of the original.